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Colour Profile

colour workshopIT SEEMS such a simple thing to do a drawing, scan it same size and print it in a book but mysterious things happen in the process – such as a bright blue line suddenly turning to indigo as it goes from screen to paper.

Before conversion to CMYK . . .

Before conversion to CMYK . . .

. . . and after.

. . . and after.

I’m reading Louis Benjamin’s Photoshop CS5 in Simple Steps to get to know more about the process. But reading isn’t enough for me, I need to go through some of the processes to take them on board but then, if I don’t happen to need to use a particular technique for a while, it can slip from my mind.

Online Notebook

colour profile

I’ve tried making notes as I go but they end up on scraps of paper or in various notebooks so today I’ve started an online notebook.

I won’t need to go rootling through a draw to refresh my memory. My experiments and notes will be beautifully organised in a mini-website. Well that’s the theory.

Link: Colour Profiles, my experiments in Photoshop.

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  1. Happy New Year, Richard. Love the Holly Green Sketchbook. Just wanted to share with you a color correction method for images that really helped me. Refer to a PDF online called Eddie Tapp 90% Method for Color Correction Basics. I use the MacBeth Color Checker chart from this PDF for my baseline #1 and #2 (which on my equipment is 149 and 43). I wrote Eddie after discovering this and thanked him–and he wrote me back! I work in CS5 and scan at 48 bits in the bitmap format and revert to jpeg for uploading to my blog. This has worked 100% for me, except with off-site scanners that are scanning the image as extremely under or over exposed. You need a solid reading at both white and black ends of the scale. This is quick and easy. Hope it works for you! Love the new, clean format, too, btw!

    • Thank you Sharon, happy new year to you. I’ve printed that out and I’ll give it try. It looks as if it will work well.
      I think it’s the Steve Jobs philosophy of less is more that’s been getting to me since I went over to Mac, but I’ve often been mystified by the Mac way of hiding things away so I hope my navigation isn’t too cryptically camouflaged.